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If you wish to make an appointment for a flu vaccine, please go to:



Flu (influenza) is a severe infection caused by a virus. The flu virus infects your lungs and upper airways.

Flu is unpredictable. If you are young and healthy, you will usually feel unwell for a week but, you will not

need to see your GP. Most flu can be treated at home.

Antibiotics do not work on flu. Getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of liquids will make you feel better.

Most people who think they have the flu usually just have a cold.

The real flu tends to happen during the winter. It usually spreads between October and April.

Some people are at risk of the serious complications of flu.



People at risk of complications include:

· people aged 65 and over

pregnant women

· people with a long-term medical condition

are a child aged 2 to 12

Please be aware that there is currently a limited supply of flu vaccine available nationally. If you are not able to make an appointment at this time, please try back later, as more supplies of vaccine are being made available in the next few weeks.

Also, be aware that this vaccine is for those 13 and older.

There will be a specific nasal vaccine, which will be available, free, for all children age 2 – 12, but this is not currently expected to be available before mid-October.

As soon as the children’s vaccine is available, we will schedule separate children’s vaccination clinics.